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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  April 21, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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pam cook one some sunshine and flip-flop weather. the next i have sandals on today in preparation. >> we will have sunshine today. temperatures will bump up we are running cooler this morning. we will end up about 7 degrees warmer. high pressure will be our fair weather friend today. but it does cool down over the weekend. a few high clouds north of the golden gate. it will give us more of an
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onshore push. it will remain dry. so far the traffic is moderate. there is no traffic out there. it is not completely light but we could tell it is a little better than normal. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. there is a 10-15 minute delay as you get onto the spam which is doable. there are no issues on the bridge unlike yesterday. this is a look at interstate 880 on oakland. traffic is moving along well. there have been no major problems on the peninsula if you try to catch a flight and sf0. it does not look back between the city of san francisco down to san mateo. campus republican that uc berkeley threatening a lawsuit over plans to move the date for
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controversial speaker ann coulter. christian is in berkeley right now to see what students are saying about plans to have her speak on the campus. >> reporter: they are threatening a lawsuit over plans to move the speech by conservative ann coulter on campus. now, they are threatening a lawsuit. they say they will allow her to speak on campus. the university once to change the date of the speech from april 27 to may 2. she responded by saying she can't make it on the second setting the stage for the lawsuit. this morning students are weighing in. saying that she should be allowed to speak on campus but they say there are lingering questions about keeping agitators out of the mix. >> we are all for freedom of
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speech. >> reporter: she plans to talk about illegal immigration. back in february there were violent protests on the campus. this is the area where the protests took place. the protest cost more than $100,000 in damage. they say that they do want to see ann coulter on campus.
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the associated press is reporting this morning that the government who shot and killed a police officer last night was detained in february for threatening police. the attack has renewed fears of terrorism. caroline is live in washington with more. >> reporter: isis is claiming responsibility for this attack that has terrorized parents. a note was found next to the suspect. >> reporter: french officials have re-opened the iconic champs-elysee today. paris police killed the 39-year- old gunman at the scene they
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found a pump action shotgun and knives in his car. president trump spoke at the white house. >> it looks like another terrorist attack and what can you say it never ends. >> reporter: they have killed more than 230 people in france in just over two years. >> reporter: the president said that they will remain vigilant. >> is isis is being defeated, we are going to see more attacks like this. small high-profile attacks that are difficult to defend or protect against in a democratic society we cannot guard every landmark. overnight in jakarta mike pence pledged us support to france and all of our allies.
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the latest reminder that terrorism can strike anywhere at any time. something that the people of indonesia and the united states know all too well. >> the gunman did time after shooting at police officer 16 years ago. he was questioned, detained and released in february for threatening to shoot at police officers. three of his relatives have been arrested. today in germany a 28-year- old german russian citizen was arrested on suspicion of bombing. a player and police officer were injured in the bombing. prosecutors said the man after for financial reasons. he hopes to earn millions of dollars by dropping the teams stock value in making money off of it. and suv crashes into the side of a building early this morning at the regional medical
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center. they are searching for the driver of the car. the fire department was called around 1 am. the car was empty and the driver had run away. the crash may have broken a water line. water was turned off. and the car was removed. san jose police are investigating. some california republicans are accusing democrats of trying to divert money from the $52 billion repair bill. governor. brown pushed state makers to approve the bill two weeks ago. now there is talk of using $15 million of the money for other projects. that is not connected to transportation. $5 million for repairs of state parks and $5 million to improve community access to parks and another $5 million to buy property for wildlife.
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>> it is a diversion of funds. and the continued breach of trust. the citizens thought this money would go for transportation. >> the bill raises gasoline taxes by $.12 per gallon. the average driver will pay an average of $10 more a month at the gas pump. the annual for 20 gathering had a few changes this year. people gather to smoke pot. in the passenger been complaints about the tons of trash that was been left behind. bad behavior and violence there but the changes for yesterday's events improved safety and cleanliness. nearby businesses paid $150,000 to install fencing with entry gates, portal parties and security and cleanup crews. >> we did not wanted to go away. >> it seemed safer.
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>> by 6:30 pm park rangers moved in to get the crowds to head out of the park. no arrests inside the park one person was arrested for a stabbing last night. it may or may not been the that's right related to the event. a new poll showing broad support for legalizing marijuana across the country. the new poll shows 61% of americans show that pot should be legal. it is a disturbing crime. a san leandro father was arrested and accused of trying to shoot and kill his own baby. we will tell you what police are saying about the possible motive. part is set to announce a new police chief today. but he is not coming and without controversy. high clouds with that is if you otherwise were looking good today. patchy fog will give away to
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sunshine and we are wired for good-looking friday.
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new this morning police in clearfield investigating an overnight shooting were one person was hurt their interstate 80. we have few details the police turned away two cars as evidence. a maserati in a white dodge challenger. they were traveling on simental hill road and east of interstate
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dodge challenger. they were traveling on simental hill road and east of interstate 80. the devices stay away from the area. we have not heard about any arrests. a deadly crash last night on interstate 880. several cars collided after someone walking on the freeway was hit and killed just after 8:30 pm. it happened in the northbound fine just before the whipple avenue exit. the investigation continues. developers are one step closer to winning approval to building the tallest residential building in oakland. they voted wednesday to recommend approval for a 40 story tower on franklin street. the $200 million project will look something like that. it will include a high rise tower with 634 housing unit. the plan has supporters and those concerned about how the building will affect downtown oakland. supporters say the cities needs
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more new housing. it would definitely help downtown. it seems like it is becoming a better place to be. >> it's good to have interesting developments but i hate to see spaces like this that are convenient and everyone loves them for being what they are right now. >> some people working the area are worried about you were parking being available. visit the price of parking is likely to go up here the developers saves between 27 of 54 apartments will be reserved for low income families. today bart will announce hiring a new police chief who has some controversy. the chronicle reports that they selected carlos rojas who resigned this week as the santa ana police chief. the santa clara police -- paper
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says he has been criticized for an increase of violent crimes in that neighborhood. he began his career as a patrol officer in santa ana in 1990. he rose to the ranks over the years and became police chief in 2014. he reportedly will take over for cantin rainey who retired in december. senator. dianne feinstein talk to the high-tech community. the silicon valley leadership group is hosting an 11 am event in sunnyvale at jupiter network aspiration dome. the color of fireside chat. she will talk about health care reform. sure we have a lot to talk
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about on our commute. >> there is a little slow traffic out there. it's just a little lighter in some commutes. let's talk about the bay bridge first. because that have some waiting to do before you make it onto the spam. it is backed up for about a 15 minute delay. what you make it onto the bridge it's about a 10 minute drive. right now traffic continues to look good on all of the bay area bridges. this is 880 n. in front of the oracle arena. traffic is moving along very well in both directions. and on the peninsula traffic looks good. there is a little bit of traffic on the san mateo bridge. let's bring stephen with today's weather. >> we have mostly clear skies. we are heading out to fairfield.
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mostly clear is that for the higher clouds. everything is all set for a beautiful day. for most of the week we'll deal with clouds and rain and fog. the system is riding up and over the ridge of high pressure. low 40s and mid 40s for others. 43 for napa. temperatures are running cooler. napa airport is running 8 degrees cooler. we have lots clouds and fog
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there. but we will rebound with an offshore police -- breeze. if you're traveling south, it is going to be hot. 97 for palm springs. phoenix and palm springs make it 100 degrees on saturday. the system is running into a lot of resistance. it will drag across northern california over the weekend which will give us some clouds and cooler temperatures. today looks to be the warmest. there are systems coming up out of hawaii. a gradual cooling after today. it stays dry. the rami will be up north.
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maybe down to lake county as we head towards tuesday. we will see temperatures sliding back into the upper 60s. and that will be next week. 60s and 70s to near 80 degrees. temperatures warmest again in land. san jose mid to upper 70s as well. cooler but still good on saturday. next week even though it's mostly dry it will be cooler. >> i have to mention that tonight, the golden age of hollywood. the blackhawk gala benefiting st. baldric's foundation. i'm going to be there it will be at the blackhawk museum i'm looking forward to it. that sounds like a fun event. he is one of the most tech
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savvy men in the world but why bill gates put strict restrictions on his kids when it comes to using cell phones. a starbucks ariza who is fed up with the anticipated unicorn frappuccino.
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this is a song that they use to enter a sports team. we have a few sports teams here. >> the chicago bulls used to come out to this. if there is a special thank you want to hear let us know.
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soon at my high school team was the sun devils. check tesla recalling more than 60,000 of its cars because the bad parking rates. tesla says the parking brakes may become stuck but so far no crashes have been linked to the recall. they are contacting owners and hope that all of the cars fixed by october. amazon plans to open a brick-and-mortar bookstore in san jose. the company that owns the property says the store will appeal to those who are tech savvy and fashion forward customers who like shopping in a boutique. there is a bookstore in san
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diego. mastercard taking security to the next level. they unveiled a new credit card with fingerprint centers. the card is being used on a trial basis in south africa but it could be brought out in the us by the end of the year they has sensors embedded in the plastic to recognize the fingerprint of the registered user. the fingerprint acts as a pin number. mastercard said it will work on existing credit card readers. connect bill gates is one of the richest person on earth. when it comes to children and smart phones, even bill gates has its limits. the founder of microsoft says, he banned his kids from having cell phones until they were 14 years old. he says he still limits the amount of time they can spend on them. they have two kids ages 14 and 17. they say they want to give them as normal a life as possible and that includes following limitations and following rules. there is a starbucks rant
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-- starbucks drink that people are talking about. it is called the unicorn frappuccino. one starbucks employee says that drink is ruining the lives of paris status. -- baristas. >> today it came out. please don't get it. i have never made so many frappuccino in my life. my hands are sticky -- i have never been so stressed out. it has been insane. >> he is a little stressed. the unicorn frappuccino is loaded with 76 g of sugar. no caffeine. it's only available through sunday. i know how he feels. i worked at a sandwich shop one
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time to this day i do not like mayonnaise. . when will kevin durand play again ? a lot of fans want to know. haven't update on his leg injury from kevin durant himself. this is the first time the city is offering free college tuition but there may be a catch. so far so good. the morning commute we have had no major problems on the bay bridge. traffic looks good into san francisco. mostly clear. that's a beautiful looking start to a friday. temperatures warming up.
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it is friday. april 21. i'm dave clark. . >> good morning i am pam cook. the time is 6:30 am. so you're not trying that frappuccino ? >> it is going to be a hot day. so it needs a cool drink. >> that is correct. we have had a beautiful sunrise over the city. check out -- this is good.
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-- kathy, the napa valley chick. there is only one kathy. a gorgeous sunrise. happy friday everyone. allison says it's a beautiful day. temperatures will be in the 70s to near 80 for some. we get a little offshore breeze on the coast. not a lot but amount. this system will stay to the north. today is all about sunshine and warmer temperatures. 40s and 50s. danville 42. everyone is close here livermore at 45. the winds are not that strong. will bring in some clouds and rain up north. 60s and 70s to near 80 degrees.
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and the traffic is ? >> moderates. we have a couple of things to talk about. one of them is a problem here. and the site there could be a stalled vehicle with a tow truck that is blocking the right name. it is causing a little bit of congestion on 80 eastbound. as we pulled back, westbound traffic is moderately heavy as you drive out to the macarthur maine. as you get to the bay bridge toll plaza it should not be a bad drive. there is about a 10-minute delay. there was a report of a chair in the middle of the main here. in front of oracle arena you can see traffic is moving well. we had an earlier crash on the san mateo bridge, right near
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the high rise they had clear that out but traffic is going to be a little slow. today you have a decent alternative. you can see how the san mateo bridge is built and because of the crash. if you could go down to the dumbarton bridge and go that way you will be in better shape. police in san leandro arrested a man and a woman accused of planning to kill an 11 month old baby who is the son of the man from another relationship. the suspect appeared in court yesterday along adanna ibe. they baited the mother of his 11 month old son. then police say he called adanna ibe on a cell phone to carry out the plot. >> the suspect was inside the
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restaurant and approached the female. she fired one shot in close range. it's my opinion it's a miracle that she lived. >> let me say this, i know what marcel brooks is capable of. i do not know what adanna ibe is capable of. the neck he has kids and when i heard a child. >> they say the allegations are a shock to his family. and to his current girlfriend who says they did not know that he had an 11 month old baby. they are both being held without bail. city college of san francisco is holding an open house at every one of his campuses. students will learn how they can take classes free of charge. leigh martinez is live in san
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francisco where they will provide details. choke starting at 9 am college centers will be open to get the information to students. we may be seeing some new students and returning students to hear more about the groundbreaking offer. san francisco city college just obtained their accreditation. the city of san francisco will play the 46 $46 per credit tuition fee. they will also provide 250 credit tuition fee. they will also provide $250 each semester to low income students. people who have lived in san francisco for a year are eligible. but there may be another catch. according to the examiner, they
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hope to link free tuition to academic performance. they need to maintain a 2.0 grade point average. the funds come from a transfer tax on a multimillion dollar property sale. before the city of san francisco gives the community college more than $5 million to provide the tuition they need to establish whether or not it will be linked to the students grades. they think resident should get free education regardless. the open houses will start at 9 am and go until noon. get information on the program and also apply to the college at that time. and you have to hurry yet because registration is starting in a few weeks. may 3 for returning students a may 24 for returning students.
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the university of california has filed a motion for temporary restraining order to stop a healthcare fraud scheme targeting students. they allege that students were targeted on social media ads offering $550 to enroll in sham clinical trials. the students were prescribed pain creams for the university believes 500 students handed over the personal information to the company. they have also notified law enforcement. the principle of albany high school is stepping down. the school has been dealing with allegation of racism. 11 students were suspended in connection with races messages and photos on line. the school district says jeff anderson will be re-assigned to another position within the district. he will be replaced by ron rosenbaum. the school board plans to address the incidents during a special meeting on tuesday. the man accused of killing
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four people in fresno is due in court for the first time this morning. kori muhammad is accused of shooting and killing three white men on tuesday and what police call a racially motivated attack. he's also accused of killing a motel security guard last week claiming that the guard disrespected him. investigators say he was inspired to carry out those hate crime shootings on tuesday after learning about a local news reporter -- report that he was a suspect of the motel 6 suicide. police close down market street was closed from 8 pm until 10:30 pm while police investigated. police had people shelter in place. the bomb squad was brought in and then police cleared this scene. they have not said what was found in the package.
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the firefighters are investigating a suspicious fire at a clothing store. stanley cox believes someone sets the store on file your. it happened early thursday morning. cox says parts of the storefront burned and there is no damage. my biggest concern was not the store. the first thing i asked is are the children okay. that was my biggest concern. there are 11 children that stay upstairs. >> arson is suspected because of the strong smell of gas and there was a burnt gas can in the street. he says the security cameras may have captured images but they were destroyed in the fire. police are hoping a newly
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released get would be to a robbery suspect. authority says a man walked into kaiser motors on april 5 and asked to test drive a truck. when he returned he pulled out a gun and demanded money. take a look at the sketch. police say he is described as a white male in his 30s with brown hair. he said his name was robbie. he's 5'10" tall and 150 pounds. he drove off in a champagne colored truck. anyone with information is asked to call police. governor. jerry brown is strongly attacking president trump stand on climate change. the governor spoke yesterday during this conference on climate change and san francisco which attracted scientists and activists. the governor blasted president trump's plan to tear apart president. obama's recent policies on global warming. and the question president trump's knowledge of the crisis.
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>> is paradoxical that we have a president who says two things. one, climate change is a hoax. that is his first value proposition. his second is that it was created by china. and the truth is, china is on a path to do more than the trump administration to deal with climate change. if there is any hoax is in the white house not in beijing. governor. brown says he plans to attend a climate change conference in beijing. there is new information surrounding the attack in paris. coming up, we would tell you what we're learning about the government and the threats he made earlier this year. and a tennessee school teacher and a student were found in northern california. we will tell you the tip that led police to their discovery. it is a moderate commute. we will give you drive times to
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get across the bridges. it has been tough to get out in the garden lately we've had rain and cold temperatures. but today was good. we'll see what's look in store for the weekend.
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it looks like we can in the week on a positive note.
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it dropped a little bit. but the nasdaq and s&p 500 are up. some traders and analysts are saying that some of the optimism is on revising healthcare. we know when the bb stores will close. it is closing all of its stores and will focus instead on the line. it will liquidate all merchandise and fixtures within its stores by the end of may. there are about 175 stores including san francisco and emeryville. of search goes on for a couple for santa rosa whose single engine plane went missing. they were due to arrive monday
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night but family members said their play never arrived. the plane had an emergency began and the bodies have not -- but authorities have not found the signal. smack they issued a statement saying we have confidence in the search and rescue team and are grateful for everyone involved. we are staying positive and would appreciate privacy at this time. a 15-year-old girl who was allegedly kidnapped by her teacher is expected to be reunited stay with her family. they were found yesterday morning and a small northern county named cecilville. the cabin older notified police that a wanted man may be staying there. >> we are beyond elated. in fact words cannot express the feelings that we have. >> authorities arrested cummings on charges of contact
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with a minor. he had been under investigation in tennessee after another student reported seeing the teacher kiss the girl at school. court papers filed said the girl was afraid of covens and thought she would face repercussions from school if she resisted. let's check in to see what's coming up in the next hour. when i join you in studio the next clint eastwood movie project will be rooted in reality. he is working to bring the story of three americans that stopped a terrorist attack. a new order for north bay city. which city is being called the microbrew capital of the united states. and how it's poised to take a bigger bite -- or longer drink of the craft beer business. these stories when i join you
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in 15 minutes. what he said. they cheered for their team last night at this watch party at the silver creek sportsplex in san jose. game five of the first round playoff between the sharks and the oilers. a lot of fans showed up in teal. the main color of the sharks. some fans were dressed of colorful characters and rooted for their favorite team. but, they were disappointed. the sharks lost to the oilers 4- 3 in overtime. the sharks were up three-one in the second. they try to hold on but the oilers were playing at home tied it up in the third and then one it in overtime. edmonton leaves the series 3-2. the sharks have to win tomorrow night at the sap center or they
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will be eliminated. the war years superstar kevin durand has gone on youtube to update his stance on his latest injury. he is recovering from the injury he suffered against the portland trail blazers visit and i felt like i could go yesterday but the organization told me it would be best to give it a few more days of rest. >> he is now optimistic that he will be ready to play in game three of the series tomorrow up in portland. the warriors have a 2-0 lead over the trail blazers and the best-of-seven series. i love how he connects with everyone. >> we want him to play. >> let me tell you this. do they need kevin durant or should he pressed ? they seem
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to have been handled. >> they did okay without him. >> they should save him for what could be the next round. >> let's take a look at highway 24. a little bit of slow traffic here as you drive passed the lafayette art station. it's not bad on the way up to the tunnel. it's better than yesterday. the bay bridge will seem like a walk in the park after yesterday. it is a 15-20 minute delay. san mateo bridge recovering from earlier accident near the high rise. i would suggest using the dumbarton bridge instead. if you have a choice between the two bridges, the choice is obvious. >> i would agree with you.
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but no one's calling me asking what do i think. we have a beautiful start to this friday. pictures are starting to come in. this will be the warmest day for a while. next week does look good. we are not expecting much in the way of rain. will get cooler temperatures today is all about sunshine and warm temperatures. it is getting ready to be a beautiful sunrise. i realize it has been so cool people cannot get in their gardening. next week does not look warm. today and tomorrow will be okay. but sunday into tuesday of next week you will not get much heat. today we will get warm temperatures. high-pressure building in.
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40s on the temperatures. a little cooler compared to yesterday. woodside is at 43 hillsboro 40 woodside is at 43 hillsboro 46. there's a slight offshore. back over to the bay is a beautiful morning. 40s and 50s. 20s up in the mountains and 30s in reno. everything is good to go. were looking for 97 southern california 97 and 80s for many of you. we have a few high clouds and that is it. the system will work its way over the weekend. we'll get clausen cooler temperatures. except for a few high clouds everything is good. up to 800 temperatures.
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still good tomorrow. it will be nice just a little cooler. a man driving down the road in vallejo saw a woman in need. for her to be 65 years old and get beat up like that it is hard. . we'll find out how he is trying to help weeks later.
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jock jams today on mornings on 2. you have heard this, right pam. >> that's a good one. >> they play this a lot at the stadiums. this was requested by jason morales. thank you, jason. if there's a special song you want to hear, let us know. i'll play your request on friday morning. use the hash tag ktvu on twitter, facebook or instagram. four bay area hospitals are being fined by the state department of public health. they total more than $1 million and they are related to medical mistake between 2012 and 2016.
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the four hospitals include cpmc, st. luke's? san francisco. kaiser permanente. queen of the valley, and sequoia hospital. time 6:57. a woman in vallejo is recovering after being attacked and robbed while leaving a social security office. a good samaritan saw her and came to her rescue. ktvu's aliana gomez has more on how he's still trying to help her now two weeks after the attack. >> reporter: some might say it was fate. before april 4th, kyle burnett were complete strangers, but that morning they happened to be in the same area at the same time. kyle was at costco with his children, while dioce was at the social security office. living close by, she decided to
6:58 am
walk, taking ascott parkway home. >> i saw this kid. i don't know how old. he just grabbed my hands. i don't know how i fell down. >> reporter: she says she was very disoriented and believes she was punched during the struggle. >> then i saw my blood coming out on my hair, i panicked. and then i kept waiting those cars, waiting and waiting and no one stopped. and then all of a sudden this big car stopped and asked what happened, what happened. >> reporter: that driver was kyle. >> i grab her and put her in the car, you know, and right away, i mean, her face is smashed, eyes swollen shut. bruises over here, there's blood everywhere. >> pictures taken of dioce are difficult to look at. she had a brain hemorrhage from the fall. the wrist was so broken it required surgery. doctors had to insert tiny
6:59 am
screws which you can see on the x-ray. >> for her to be 65 years old and just to get beat up like that is just, you know, it's hard. it's definitely hard to put a grass p on, you know -- grasp on, you know. >> reporter: a couple weeks later the bruises have healed and the arm is in a sling. kyle is hoping to offset those dental costs for her. >> i set up the go fund me page. i knew she was going to have medical bills and things she couldn't take care of. >> reporter: she says she is forever grateful for kyle and hopes to put all of this behind her. >> i'm glad i could help. >> reporter: the attack happened on a busy residential area. there were no surveillance cameras around: dioce says it all happened so fast, she didn't get a good description of the suspect other than that he was a young black male clean cut wearing white ear buds. police say they did stop someone fitting the description the day it happened. they showed her the picture but says it wasn't her attacker.
7:00 am
police are asking any witnesses to come forward with information. not newsroom, ktvu fox 2 news. we'll have the latest on this and tell you what students are saying coming up. isis is claiming respondent for an attack in paris. i'll have details coming up. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on this friday morning, april 21st, i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. >> steve paulson right over there. thank you gasia, dave, yesterday afternoon we cleared everything out of here. sunny, mostly sunny, a little breeze. today will be warmer, though, we're off to a good start here. a beautiful morning on the bay. thank you, jose rodriguez for that picture here. he's out early going fishing. we also have a little offshore breeze, our


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